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How do you get the sweat, body smell out of sheets?

I am a pretty clean person. And neither me or my husband sweat a lot at night but even once I have washed our bedding, it dosn't smell fresh. It still has that 'sweat' smell. I use Tide %26amp; I always use a fabric softener. What else can I put in the laundry?? What will break down that odor?
How do you get the sweat, body smell out of sheets?
wash repeatedly until the smell is gone in hot water, detergent and vinegar...sounds terrible but works
How do you get the sweat, body smell out of sheets?
Bleach, or if it's colred, color safe bleach
Reply:youmay need to wash the matress cover as well.. i usually do that with bleach..
Reply:Maybe some bleach.
Reply:Are the sheets old? Does your room have a scent? Do your clothes smell? You need to completely clean your room, air it out, and buy new sheets.
Reply:hot water.

Stop the agitation and let them soak for a few minutes extra.
Reply:Try bleach for colors Or baking soda in the wash.
Reply:add bleach to the wash load if the sheets are white/Chlorox II for colors if they are colored).. also change the fabric softener to Febreeze (by bounce).
Reply:I saw something new yesterday at Wal-Mart made by Febreeze. I think you let your clothes soak in it. It is for getting the odor out of smelly clothes.
Reply:You got no choice, you will sweat anyway.
Reply:.....soak them overnight in fabric softner or air them out on the terrace....
Reply:Hot water %26amp; bleach if it's really bad. Wash your mattress bad too. If you don't have a mattress pad and the odor still persists, maybe it's your mattress. What about a different detergent?

Do you have a water softener? Is so, and you haven't cleaned your water softener lately it will produce stinky water.
Reply:wash the mattress cover, and don't over stuff the washing machine
Reply:Try one of the detergents aimed at getting out smells. I think AIM or GAIN have one that will do that and they also leave a great smell on your laundry. Also, try using hot water and putting some baking soda in the water. Maybe trying spraying them with fabreze before washing them might help. And, you might want to try spraying the mattress with Fabreze while the sheets are washing just incase the smell is coming from the mattress. Good luck!
Reply:Try putting some baking soda in your wash along with Tide and fabric softner. Bleach oughta do it took, however, it's hard on your fabrics if used too often.
Reply:Try to put half the amount of clothes in the machine, and use a liquid detergent. Throw in two sheets of Bounce - just to see - and for the sheets, anyway, use a hot water wash. If all that doesn't work, maybe it's time for some new sheets;-)
Reply:buy new sheets. if washing them %26amp; fabric softener isn't doing enough, then go for a different material.
Reply:I agree with putting baking soda in the wash. But also air out your mattress fairly frequently, if possible, put outside for 2 or 3 hours every 3 or 4 months. And spray it with febreze every time you change sheets. This should help also. Good luck!!

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