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Do you need to sweat to lose weight or have a good workout?

I've been going to the gym for about 3 weeks, when I use the tread mill, it has a ideal heart rate of 118-126 for weight loss. If I stay in this range, I don't necessarily break a serious sweat. I actually need to crank up to about 130+ to get a sweat going.

Also, I'm just speed walking in the weight loss range.....

FYI- I burn -300-600 calories depending on what weight routine I'm doing for the day.

Lost 15 pounds so far....
Do you need to sweat to lose weight or have a good workout?
Aerobic activity should be done for at least 20 minutes to start the metabolism. It really doesn't have anything to do with how much you sweat. Some people sweat more than others naturally. It all depends on your aerobic activity and it sounds to me like what you are doing is working for you. If you have lost 15 pounds already stick with what you are doing. Good luck. Keep up the good work.
Do you need to sweat to lose weight or have a good workout?
What are you talking about, "at least 20 minutes to start the metabolism"? Your body's metabolism is always working, even while you are sleeping. You've misinformed this person. Report It

Reply:Base your workout on your heart rate. Sweating is different for everyone.

Though, not sweating could mean you are not hydrated enough, and that can be a problem. Report It

Reply:Actually no u dont. i work out everyday for @ least an hour and i dont sweat @ all but i do get my pulse up and ive been doin this 4 @ least 2 weeks %26amp; have not changed my eatin habits @ all %26amp; i have lost 7 pounds. some bodys dont sweat as easily as others. Report It

Reply:I think you need to work a sweat to lose weight. I run 1.5 miles to the gym, work out for 1 hour then run another 1.5 miles back home. And I've lost about 20 lbs in the last 6 months. I have worked out without running (lifting weights, bench pressing, etc.) and it doesn't make you lose pounds... Report It

Reply:20 minutes is way to short. And I agree with your original question, if you arent sweating, you probably arent working out hard enough. To many people "Laze-Out" or "Hang-Out" at the gym. Remember, its called a "Work" out for a reason, and you get out of it what you put into it. Report It

Reply:Nana is right about the 20 minutes, she just left out some information, you weren't misinformed. Your metabolism does go all the time, but it takes 20 minutes of aerobic exercise for you to start using FAT as your primary source of fuel instead of glucose. Report It

Reply:Good job! Consistency is the key! Also consider weight training - each pound of muscle you add will equal 50 extra calories your body burns throughout the day! Definition: Calorie = 1 Calorie is the amount of energy need to raise one cubic centimeter of water by 1 degree F Report It

Reply:Perspiration will not correlation to the amount of weight you will lose. Sweating during physical exertion allows the body to remove waste, toxins, acids, and salts. In addition, sweating is to key in to regulating body temperature. Although annoying at times, sweating is a good thing. Report It

Reply:The only time it's bad that you're not sweating is when you're in heat and have stopped sweating. That is one of the first serious signs of heat stroke. As long as you keep hydrated enough, you should be fine. Report It

Reply:not everyone sweats, you may even begin to sweat more as you work out and exercise more, as long as you are losing you doin' something right, it is a great feeling isn't it, it took me a while but i lost 45 and have kept it off almost a year now, which ca be trickier than losing it. Report It

Reply:sweating is a your body's way of cooling off if Ur sweating Ur pushing Ur body hard.

however u don't really need to push Ur self to lose weight just being active every day like u r is enough. Report It

Reply:if u feel like taking it up a notch that's fine. but DO NOT and i repeat do not try to lose weight buy making Ur self sweat it doesn't work that way!

Ill get really sick and possibly kill Ur self by trying to sweat weight out Report It

Reply:always hydrate drink lots of water while u work out u should be peeing often and the color is yoUr warning Report It

Reply:if its clear Ur good

light yellow is letting u know to drink a bit more and

yellow u should be feeling thirsty and u need to drink water

dark yellow your body is not working right and ur doing damage to Ur self Report It

Reply:(signs of dehydration IE dizziness,mental confusion weakness and so on) don't let Ur self get to this point

also do not over hydrate it has same warning signs as dehydration to. so don't over do it just keep Ur self in the light yellow to clear and Ur good

hope this helps man take care Report It

Reply:Ooooh! Good for you!

Don't worry about the amount of sweat you're producing. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine. You're doing great!
Reply:Great job and keep up the good work. While it is not necessary to pour sweat while you work out, it is important to get your heart rate up. It needs to stay that way for the duration of your aerobic activity. The temperature in the room can affect how much you will sweat. It seems to me that you are on the right track......
Reply:It basically all depends on your body, and matabolizm, some say no matter how much they exercize they still don't loose weight. It is really good to just walk, but better for the heart and lungs to really run, but if your just doing it for the weight I'd say your probably doing a good job...
Reply:its not the sweat it the haert rate you want to keep it up high ,to burn those calories.
Reply:no, not everyone sweats
Reply:I am not sure that sweating means much in a direct sense;I guess it is an indicator of work rate but individual differences would come into play so much e.g. I sweat profusely from the moment I get much of a heart rate up whereas my wife does not, she has actually lost more weight than I.
Reply:Its both interelated u see. If u work out a lot u will definitely sweat. which results in wheight loss. Do a lot of work out like jogging and skipping and lots andlots of walking. Walking is best It helps in decreasing the torsoe as well as the legs portion. Cycling also helps but in hips and legs (especially thys).

Your present routine is damn goodalso

Reply:I lost 6 kg, just sitting on the chair and doing nothing..%26lt;_%26lt;

Good for you. Keep it up.:)
Reply:you don't have too. air condition is great.but sweat is a reward to let you know that you did good,more sweat more good.

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