Friday, 24 July, 2009

Why do my feet sweat? This is an embarassing question.?

They don't sweat real bad but it is bad enough to where my feet slide around badly in flip flops. It could be 10 below outside and my feet would still sweat. How can I control this?
Why do my feet sweat? This is an embarassing question.?
Maybe you can't control it. My hands have been sweating for years. Or maybe it's the flipflops, since they are not made of an absorbent fabric, you will notice it more. Flip Flops always make my feet sweat, even in the cold.
Why do my feet sweat? This is an embarassing question.?
most likely it is the flip flops .. because they are holding the heat of your body and making your feet sweat.. eather change flip flops.. or try sneakers with socks.. some people tho.. have a medical condition .. i forget what it is called but if you google it .. im sure you'll find a better answer!
Reply:Try those flip flops that have material lining, or the ones where your feet touch on them it's like a rubber SOS pad
Reply:not enough the shoe...or just might want to change into a different kind of shoe
Reply:try to take more showers. they make theis shows were they breath u should get them.
Reply:If you are a teen or early 20's guy, it happens alot, but once the hormones settle down it eases. Older than that I think guys are just destined to have sweaty (sometimes stinky)feet.
Reply:Foot Sweating (Pedal Hyperhidrosis)

Excessive sweating of the feet is the result of over-stimulation of the sweat glands in the feet by the sympathetic nervous system. Unlike hyperhidrosis involving the hands, face and scalp, and armpits, the sympathetic nerve fibers that stimulate sweating of the feet arise from both the thoracic and lumbar sympathetic nerve chains.

Excessively sweaty palms and soles are caused by an inherited condition called dyshidrosis or hyperhidrosis. It is usually present in one of the parents - I just ask them to hold out their palms and feel them. I believe this is an autosomal dominant trait. The excessive sweating and irritation it causes to the feet often produces itching and peeling on the soles of the feet and sometimes on the hands. This condition of itching and peeling is called dyshidrotic eczema. While fungal infection can occur in these areas, usually antifungal agents don't seem to help much.

This condition can be a real embarrassment for a teenager, especially a girl who doesn't want boys to think she is so nervous about the prom. Dermatologists sometimes use soaks in 10% aluminum chloride solution. I have had some success by telling the child to find a roll-on antiperspirant (not deodorant) that contains aluminum chloride and to roll that on. It seems to work.

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