Friday, 24 July, 2009

How do I not sweat as bad?

I sweat quite a bit and I get pit stains a lot. It's really embarassing so I always wear baggy shirts and sweatshirts. It doesn't smell but it's embarrassing. So I was wonder if anyone had any tips on how to make myself not sweat, but still get through cheerleading practice and gym. And I've tried tons of different kinds of deodorant. I don't want to get prescripted kind... that's embarrassing and I'm only 13. So help me please?
How do I not sweat as bad?
i also sweat like crazy all i can say baking powder.
How do I not sweat as bad?
Baking powder tends to froth up and cause a white mass of foam under your armpits. Trust me I've had an excessive perspiration problem and Driclor completely got rid of it. Report It

Reply:you can get a perscription deodorant if its really that bad, just check it out with your doctor.good luck
Reply:Perhaps the exercise is the problem. Cut down on that and you should be all good!
Reply:Use anti-perspirant instead of deoderant. If the problem persists, ask your doctor. You may have overactive sweat glands.
Reply:There are a lot of medications out now that can help with sweating. Some deodorants even have some things in them that help. If it is really bad, I would go to a doctor.
Reply:Go to the doctor and get prescripted deodrant okay its not emmbarrsing get your mom to do it!
Reply:Get men's deodorant. I know it sounds strange, but it works much better than ours do because men are, of course, expected to sweat more. If this doesn't work - break down and get a perscription. While it may seem weird for you to have one, it's better to fix the problem than to continue sweating!
Reply:okay hunnn (:

i got the same problem.

i tried absolutely everything..even the mens %26amp; strong formulas

but the stuff that worked really good is these pills and perscription deoderant i got from the dermatologist (skin doctor)

its just a perscription, and it works wonders!

i know exactly how you feel and it sucksss.
Reply:Ask your chemist for Driclor or Anhydrol. These are roll-on antiperspirant solutions that contain aluminum chloride. Apply at night and wash off in the morning - and use less often as the amount you sweat subsides.

You don't need a prescription to purchase either of them.
Reply:i had ur problem. then i switched to suave deodordant and it works really really well.

good luck!

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